Barbecued ribs couldn’t get any simple than this,all there is to it is to just season your ribs with some dry rub marinade,throw it into your oven and there you have it,your delicious juicy, tender and fall of the bone ribs like you never had before, all this without breaking the bank for that takeout.


Pork ribs
Dry barbecue rub
(I did a rub that goes really well with this ribs,if you missed it you definitely gotta check it out on the link below)
Barbecue sauce.

Trim your ribs off any excess fat,i went ahead and removed the silver skin membrane on the bone side of my ribs.
Apply your dry rub  generously on both sides,press it in into our ribs.


Now cover our ribs up with a cling foil and have them sit in the fridge for 12 hours or overnight.


I took out my ribs and preheated my oven to 125°Celsius.


Just look at how the rub has infused with our ribs,doesn’t it look good to eat already?
Go ahead, cover this up with an aluminum foil,and place it in our preheated oven,set your timer to 2hours.Have a beer and relax.
Through the magic of time take the ribs off the oven,unwrap them up and set aside


Bring together two parts barbecue sauce and 1/4 part ketchup, mix this up together.


Apply this to our ribs generously. Take them back into our oven now at about 200°Celsius for close to 6 minutes.
Repeat this process 3 or more times, this gives it wonderful layers of flavour,be patient.
The more the layers you add the darker our ribs gets,just how i love it.


And there you have it,our oven baked barbecued rubs,tastes like its straight from the grill.

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