This is the easiest way of barbecuing your ribs in the comfort of your home oven,the ribs come out tender,moist,fall of the bone and full of flavour.
This works for both pork and beef ribs,I used pork spare ribs for this as its the cheapest cut out there and comes with lots of flesh to bone ratio.
This is pretty similar to the ribs I had done earlier.
All I have changed today is I am just using a different cut,the cooking process doesn’t change at all.


Spare ribs(Pork/beef)
Barbecue dry rub.
(I have my own rub that goes well with both pork and beef on the link below)

I started off by trimming the excess fat of my ribs,I the proceeded to remove the silvery shiny membrane on the bony side of my ribs.
Season it generously with our dry rub seasoning,be sure to press the seasoning into the ribs.


I covered this up in a paper foil and had it set in the refrigerator for close to 12 hours or overnight.
Be sure to take it out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before baking.


As you can see the seasoning has infused well with our ribs.cover this up in aluminum foil and place it in your preheated oven at 125℃ do two hours.
As the ribs are cooking,mix 2 parts ketchup with one part of your favorite BBQ sauce,set this aside.
After 2hours unwrap your ribs from the foil.


Generously apply the BBQ sauce mixture on to our ribs.
Crank the heat up in the oven to 200℃ and place our ribs in flesh side up for close to 6 minutes,repeat this process 3 or more times,the more you do this,the more the layers of flavor you adding and th darker your ribs will get.


And there you have it,your fall of the bone,oven barbeque spare ribs that beats any takeout out there.

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  1. Sharon says:

    The dry rub link doesn’t work. Please share the ingredients for it


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