This recipe transforms this popular eat on the go street food into something sweet&savory,if you are a choma sausage junkie be sure to fall in love with this.
This are easy to bring together whether as a side for when you host a barbecue,when having friends over or even as a main course,the sweet caramelized pineapples together with the smoky goodness from the sausage will transform your normal Bowl of rice into something out of this world.

This is a simple versatile recipe with the choma sausage’ and the pineapples being the stars of the show.


3 ‘choma’ sausages

1 yellow bell pepper cubed

1 red bell pepper cubed

11/2 cups cubed ripe pineapples

1/4 cup barbecue sauce



Chop up your sausages into equal portions,cube up your vegetables and the pineapples into even sized cubes.

You can go ahead and use your favorite vegetables here;mashrooms,cucumbers,onions etc.

Skewer your sausages,vegetables&pineapples

Season the skewers with salt and pepper

Heat up your outdoor grill or grill pan till hot.If you don’t possess either of this,crank up your oven to a broil and place the rack on the upper most deck

Set your skewers on the grill or inside your broiling oven

Keep flipping over until the sausages and the vegetables are cooked,the vegetables should still be crunchy

When just about done,apply your favorite barbecue sauce allover the skewers flipping often so as not to burn the sauce.

Flavour up your barbecue sauce by infusing it with fresh pineapple juice then simmer it down to a thickened consistency

After about a minute or two,apply another coat of barbecue sauce and serve hot


4 Comments Add yours

  1. MM says:

    Finally….a recipe where I have all the ingredients except the BBQ sauce. Can I use sweet chilli sauce instead? Can I pan sear?


    1. ombachi13 says:

      You can use sweet Chilli why not it will taste different but that is the fun in cooking

      Liked by 1 person

      1. MM says:

        Noted. Thanks.


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