Sometimes all you need is something light, filling and healthy.I was straight from my morning gym session and in need of something quick and healthy to get my recovery going.

Hunger pangs and me are not the best of friends as I am always starving after my gym sessions, many a time I am guilty of  settling for fries from a ‘kibanda’ downstairs,not healthy but we all have our guilty pleasures.

It’s 2017 and I had promised myself to embark on a healthy diet journey,a friend of mine challenged me on a salad a day challenge and I can happily report so far so good.Having a salad a day is something y’all should take up,I am feeling more energetic and no longer feel tired and bloated after my meals,I also find it easier to control my portions by stuffing myself on a salad before my meals,I owe her one for that.

On getting home I took peek in my freezer and all I had was a tilapia fillet(you can use any white fish of choice) and no more,in my refrigerator I had leftover pesto from my Basil Almond Pesto Pasta,letuce&tomatoes,I settled for grilled fish with pesto and a red cabbage lettuce salad,a post workout meal can’t get any cleaner and healthier than this,can it?

‘Quick tip,fish cooks quickly,I have mine cook for 2 mins on each side for every 2cm off fillet.Take them off the heat when just about done and starting to flake as it will finish the cooking process on your plate’





250 grams fish fillet

1/2 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon black pepper

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 a lemon


2 cups fresh Basil

1/4 cup almonds

1 garlic clove

1/4 cup olive oil

Salt&pepper to taste


In a food processor,bring together your pesto ingredients adding in the olive oil in the very end

And as easy as that you have your pesto ready.This will be more than enough for this recipe you can store it in your refrigerator and will keep for one week.

Wash your fillets and pat them dry

Apply olive oil over your fillets seasoning well with salt and pepper.Squeeze juice of half a lemon over the fillets

Heat up your griddle pan or any heavy based pan over medium high heat.Lightly grease your griddle pan.if using a pan drizzle in a bit of olive oil.

Place your fillets onto your hot pan

Cook up your fillets for 3 to 4 minutes until they turn opaque.Flip over 

Cook for 3-4 more minutes until just about flaking and take off the heat when about done.This is to prevent overcooking as fish will continue to cook on your plate.

Grilled Tilapia With Basil PestoServe with a salad of choice,I enjoyed mine with my Honey And Lime Coleslaw.And there you have it,your healthy meal in less than 15 minutes

Grilled Fish With PestoENJOY

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Millie says:

    Can you do this with Changu (Emperor fish)? Also, can you use dried basil instead of fresh basil? Any alternative for the almonds?


    1. Yeah sure why not, it would turn out just as fantastic 😋


    2. Only fresh basil and yes. Changu would work just fine


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