One of the few foods out here that can genuinely be classified as a super food has to be the humble egg.Forget all the fads and the new super food trends that are popping up left right and center,an egg is loaded with all the good stuff needed in our diet making it a readily available source of nutrients that doesn’t break the bank.

A bone of contention when it comes to eggs has been its high levels of cholesterol.While this is true,high cholesterol in our diet does not necessarily translate to high cholesterol in the blood stream and this response will vary between individuals.

Besides,eating eggs increases the levels of high density lipoprotein commonly referred to as ‘good cholesterol’ and people consuming this in their diets stand a lower risk of heart diseases,stroke and other lifestyle diseases.

All said and done,an egg is a single source of high quality protein,having all the essential amino acids in the right ratios and it’s common knowledge that proteins are building blocks of the human body.

Eggs are also filling and thus consuming eggs will lead to you taking up fewer calories and thus beneficial to your weight loss journey.

For many years eggs have been demonized as unhealthy and responsible for many of our modern day lifestyle diseases.Bus as with anything taken in moderation,it’s health benefits far outweigh its vices and eggs as a source of protein in my household are here to stay.

Eggs are not only meant for breakfast as there are tons of ways out there of transforming the humble egg into a full course meal on its own.My ‘ugali mayai’ recipe is a Kenyan classic and I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t tried it out.Its one of the easiest meals to prepare out there,ideal for busy lifestyles where you just want to whip up something filling and nutritious quick and easy.No wonder it’s a favorite go to bachelor meal or a ‘lazy’ meal to be more specific.

However growing up ‘ugali mayai’ was prepared at home mainly out of costs as opposed to time.Meaty dishes while delicious are costly and substituting meat for eggs was something our mothers did to keep the month going while ensuring we got served with our healthy dose of proteins and nutrients.

I remember during my campus years this was everyone’s favorite as it was cheap and took minutes to prepare.There are tons of recipes out there on how to cook your eggs to go with ugali but this one is my all time favorite.

This is how my mother used to make it for us growing up and it’s one of the few dishes I knew my way around from a young age.You want your eggs to be holding together while having the onions and tomatoes fully incorporated at the same time.This my mum taught us from an early age that the secret is in par-frying the eggs in onions before cooking in the tomatoes.

Might sound foreign to some but trust me it’s the best way to get your eggs to set and develop texture and flavor before adding the saucy tomatoes.Add in the tomatoes before the eggs and you will have a final egg meal that looks more of a soup or liquid mash.’Mayai supu’ is what it’s called,and not taking away anything from it,it has its own cult following but for me,This is the best egg recipe to enjoy with your ugali.

I used free range ‘kienyeji’ eggs for my recipe,however you can use any egg you have in your pantry.I went for ‘kienyeji’ eggs so as to get the full nostalgic experience as we had growing up.There was a fulfilling feeling in having a meal from the chickens you had that morning fed and watered.Priceless.

My ‘ugali mayai’ recipe has to be one of the easiest ways out there to feed a crowd at a budget.I used 10 ‘kienyeji’ eggs in this recipe and paired with greens of choice,should be able to feed about 5-6 persons.

For my vegetable side I went with sukuma wiki and cabbage,also classic sides for when on a budget.It dosent get cheaper than that now, Does it?

So let me show you how to transform the humble egg into a meal fit for a king at a budget.





  1. 10 ‘kienyeji’ eggs(free range)
  2. 2 medium red onions
  3. 4 ripe tomatoes
  4. 1 bunch coriander leaves
  5. Salt to taste


    crack open your eggs in a bowl.Whisk up the eggs until all the yolks have broken down and are incorporated with the whites
    Finely dice your onions and chop up your tomatoes
    Over medium high heat,heat up two tablespoons oil in a frying pan and sweat your onions.Let the onions be fragrant without necessarily browning them
    Add in your whisked eggs and stir using an outward inward motion for about two minutes until the eggs are set and lumpy.Sort of the boarder-line runny scrambled eggs you get served at restaurants.
    Move your eggs to one side and add in your tomatoes on the other side.Cook the tomatoes for a minute until they start to release their juices.Fold your eggs and tomatoes together and mix until consistent and all the egg has been kissed by the tomato purée
    Cook for about a minute or two before chopping in your coriander leaves and take it off the heat.
    Serve with hot ugali with a side of your favorite vegetable green.
  • Enjoy!
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