The perfect quick and easy meal to prepare when you have little time on you and working on a budget.This is my version of an Italian classic,made simple by the use of locally available ingredients and you simply can not go wrong with my spaghetti and mince.

I love how quick this can be whipped up and by quick I mean you will be having a fantastic plate of spaghetti and mince in under 30 minutes,that’s not lacking at all in the flavor department.

These recipe is perfect for a quick weeknight meal and will be a hit especially with the kids,I am yet to find one who doesn’t enjoy spaghetti especially when made this good.

Actually how I came up with this recipe is I had 1/2 a kilo of minced beef in the refrigerator with 4 hungry mouths to feed and I had to make do.Thats where the carrot filled in.Grated then cooked alongside the beef,the carrot actually gives body and flavor to the meat sauce while increasing its volume.Mix this with the pasta and I must say 4 hungry men were fed that day.

Normally a proper meat sauce that goes with pasta would have been cooked for hours over the stove to really bring out that authentic taste.But my spaghetti and mince is a quick recipe and ain’t nobody got time for that.

The secret is to season your sauce quite generously with salt and pepper.You will be surprised how far these two go if used appropriately.Also the use of fresh herbs or in combination brings out the best out of your sauce.

For good quality spaghetti and mince,one has to start with good quality beef mince.You can use lamb,pork or a mixture of either but I went with beef mince for the day as it’s what was available

Always go for a 80% lean to 20% fat ratio when preparing mince and spaghetti.Same applies for when making meatballs or a burger.

Most store bought mince are usually full of fats and often results to greasy spaghetti and mince with the mince finding it difficult to hold on to the spaghetti due to all the excess grease.

The result is usually a greasy messy plate of spaghetti and mince that looks washed out without the deep dark color that’s often associated with good spaghetti and mince.

For my sauce I used fresh ingredients in tomatoes,red peppers,red onion,garlic,lemon juice,coriander,red chilies without forgetting the humble rosemary that simply elevates this simple meal into aromatic goodness.

The secret is to grate what you can grate and blend the rest.blending my tomatoes alongside the peppers,chilies garlic and coriander stalk makes for a rich sauce that goes along way in flavoring and moistening the mince.

The carrots should be minced into not necessarily a fine mince but relatively small

Same applies to your onion.Mince it finely and it’s flavor will be more pronounced in the final dish.

The garlic can be chopped or just pressed in a garlic press.The later usually works for me.

In a hot pan,heat up olive oils and fry your minced until golden brown and crumbly.

Take this off the heat and fry your onions,garlic and grated carrots.

Add in your minced meat and cook down.

Pour in the blended sauce in the mince and bring this to a quick boil,then a simmer.

Throw in a sprig of rosemary whole.So not break it down as it will be discarded later on.

simmer this for almost 10 minutes until the sauce has thickened.You can add in beef or chicken stock at this stage but that’s optional as I proceeded just ok.

Cool your mince down until almost chunky,Incase your sauce is too thick,you can always water it down using the pasta water you are cooking your pasta with.

Discard the rosemary sprig and add in your cooked spaghetti into our meat sauce.

Using tongs mix in your spaghetti into the sauce ensuring all the spaghetti is coated by the sauce.

Check for the consistency of your sauce at this juncture and add in more pasta water if it’s too thick.

Check whether the sauce is thick enough.season well with salt and pepper before garnishing with coriander leaves and a drizzle of lemon juice.

This recipe was enough to feed four hungry men and could easily feed 5.Half a kilo of mince goes a long way in this one.Quick,simple and budget friendly what you will be needing as January approaches.

Top it with some parmesan cheese for an Italian finish but I didn’t have that mainly due to the reason it’s ridiculously expensive and I still find my spaghetti and mince palatable without the cheese.





  • 1/2KG beef mince
  • 4 servings of spaghetti(400g)
  • 2 red bell peppers
  • 4 ripe tomatoes
  • I lemon
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 1 bunch coriander
  • 3 red chilies
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 large carrot
  • 1 rosemary sprig
  • Salt&pepper to taste


  1. In a pan using a tablespoon olive oil,fry your minced meat until golden brown and crumbly.
  2. Grate your carrots and your onions alongside two cloves of garlic.
  3. In a blender,blend together tomatoes,peppers,2chilies,3 cloves of garlic and coriander stalks.
  4. In a separate pot get your pasta going being sure to salt them properly as it’s the only time you can flavor your spaghetti.
  5. Fry your minced onion,garlic and carrots in the pan until wilted and fragrant.
  6. Add in your minced beef.Cook for a few then pour in your blended sauce.Season with salt and pepper and bring this to a quick boil.Add in the rosemary sprig and reduce to a simmer.for about 10 can add in pasta water if your sauce is getting too thick.
  7. Add in the pasta and mix well to combine.chop up your coriander leaves and garnish your spaghetti and mince.Finish off with a squeeze of lemon juice and serve Hot.

Grate parmesan on top of your mince for an Italian experience.I didn’t have any at hand and my spaghetti and mince was packed with tons of flavor didn’t even realize the cheese was missing.


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  1. Emmah says:

    my all time favourite.


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