Elevate your ordinary scrambled eggs into my healthy scrambled eggs with sweet bell peppers.

I shared my SCRAMBLED EGGS recipe a while ago and you guys totally loved it.Eggs are delicate thus a blank canvas and one can go out of their way sprucing up your scrambled eggs just how you like it.

This simple quick breakfast is perfect served over toast alongside a hot hug of coffee.

I had leftover bell peppers from my Veggie Egg Fried Rice and decided to incorporate them in my scrambled eggs,that’s how the idea crossed my mind.

I was to also have some tomatoes in there but a quick scan through the refrigerator bore no fruit and I settled for onions and peppers.That would have to wait for another day.

Key is to chop up the veggies into small equal size pieces for easy quick cooking.

This is one of those recipes that you are free to add in anything else you fancy.Be it bacon,mushrooms,spinach the world really is your oyster when in comes to loading up your scrambled eggs.

You can substitute butter with vegetable oil and miss out in the silky creamy richness that can only be achieved from using butter.

I love working with room temperature eggs as opposed to eggs straight from the fridge.

Also for this recipe I included some milk in my scrambled eggs to increase the eggs volume while making them even more fluffy.

The eggs are whisked together with the milk until yellow all through and homogeneous.

The secret is to give the onions and peppers a quick stir fry then fold into the scrambled eggs at a later stage.

Start by frying your onions alongside your garlic until translucent and fragrant.

Mix in the peppers and give them a quick stir fry over high heat.Turn off the heat before the peppers start steaming and releasing fluids.

Take this out of the pan and set aside.Wipe clean and butter the pan before pouring in your egg mixture.

Cook the eggs over low heat.Patience is of essence at this stage.Once the eggs start setting,fold the eggs using an in outward inward motion until all the wet egg mixture hits the pan.

When your eggs are cooked halfway through,season with salt and pepper and add in the bell peppers.

Continue folding the eggs alongside the bell peppers and take off the heat just when about done.

Eggs are delicate and will continue cooking once outside from its residual heat.




    • 5 eggs
      1/4 cup milk
      1 cup sweet bell peppers
      1/2 cup chopped onions
      1 clove garlic.
      1 tablespoon onion


    1. Whisk together your eggs and milk until yellow and frothy.
    2. Chop up your onions and bell peppers into small equal size cubes.Mince the garlic.
    3. Heat up oil in a skillet and fry your onions and garlic until translucent and fragrant.
    4. Mix in the bell peppers and give them a quick stir fry for about a minute or two.Season with salt and pepper.Take of the heat and set aside.
    5. In a non stick skillet over medium low heat melt in 1 tablespoon butter and pour in the egg milk mixture.
    6. Once the eggs start to set,use a spatula or a spoon and fold your eggs using an outward inward motion ensuring all the wet egg mixture hits the pan fluffing and flipping the eggs at the same time.
    7. Once the eggs are halfway through cooking,season well with salt and pepper and fold in the fried bell peppers until evenly distributed.
    8. Take your eggs from the heat when they are just about done.Eggs are delicate and they will continue cooking and setting outside.
    9. Serve hot preferably over toast.


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    1. Emmah says:

      Wow, this is a must try. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


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